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Common Problems That Are Easy To Fix On LG's Air Conditioner System

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People of a certain age can tell you about the days when fans cooled you off during the hot summer months. Today, we have air conditioning (AC) units. Some AC units mount in the window, others through the wall, and some portable units are free-standing in the room. LG makes a quality lineup of air conditioners to suit any need. Unfortunately, even the best AC units fail from time to time. The reasons for failure vary, but you can fix the problem in many circumstances without calling an expensive maintenance specialist. So, we asked our AC experts to list a few common problems with LG ACs and how to troubleshoot them on your own.

Your Air Conditioner Runs but Doesn't Blow Cool Air

Several issues could cause your AC not to blow cool air. First, check your power source and compare it to the LG owner's manual to ensure it is plugged into the proper connection. Some units have specific power requirements.

The compressor might have failed if you don't have cool air blowing. An AC compressor produces cool air and often fails for various reasons. For example, some air conditioners have an internal ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for the compressor. If this GFCI trips, it cuts off power to the compressor, but the fan motor still runs, leading people to assume the worst. Pushing the GFCI's reset button should send power to the compressor and return that pleasantly cool airflow.

Specific models have safety switches that shut off the compressor. These switches don't reset manually like a GFCI, but you can still reset them. First, unplug the unit for 30 seconds. Then, set the unit at its lowest temperature setting. Finally, plug it back in. If the reset was successful, you should hear the compressor start in 30 seconds. If not, you should have a qualified technician inspect your AC unit.

Most LG air conditioners have drip trays and air filters. These parts get clogged over time, leading to warm air blowing from the unit. We recommend that you remove and clean the filter and tray every two weeks to counter this problem. You can rinse both with soapy water and let them dry completely before returning them to the unit. You should replace the filter at the start of every season to ensure the highest quality airflow and performance. You can order this part online, and we'll ship it to your home or office.

High Outside Temperatures

Air conditioners struggle to keep a room cool when outside temperatures get excessively hot. Sometimes, even a small opening to the outside allows warm air inside, compounding this issue. You want to ensure you don't have any cracked or open windows letting drafts inside.

Many air conditioners have vents to the outside. These vents were designed to allow fresh air to enter from outside during cooler weather. If you leave a vent open during warm weather, it could cause your AC to struggle. Closing the vent should help.

Your Air Conditioner Is Too Small

Many customers complain about their AC not cooling correctly, only to learn they purchased an air conditioner that's too small for the space they're trying to cool. When shopping for an air conditioner, measure the room and confirm that the unit can cool that space. Typically, these situations occur with a portable, free-standing unit, but sometimes it happens with a window AC. Rarely do we find a wall-mounted unit installed by a handyman that doesn't measure up, but it happens.

If you recently purchased the unit, we recommend you return it for the correct size AC. You have two options if you can't return the AC. First, buy a second unit with the proper cooling capacity and use the smaller AC elsewhere. Or you can add another smaller unit and operate both at once. However, it won’t work to add a second window AC if you only have one window in the room.

Your Air Conditioner Drips Water Inside the Room

Your air conditioner shouldn't drip water inside the room, but this isn't a significant cause for concern. Most likely, you installed the AC incorrectly. A properly installed air conditioner tilts down outside the house. This angle lets the condensation accumulate in the drip tray drain outside and away from your building. We often see this with window units, and you can quickly fix the problem. Read the installation instructions and re-install the unit correctly, or call a professional technician to fix the problem.

Your Air Conditioner Doesn't Turn On

Typically, this issue has nothing to do with your air conditioner and its internal parts. Instead, you probably have a power issue somewhere. Newer LG models have a GFCI in the power cord. If the GFCI tripped, pushing the reset button should solve the problem.

The outlet that the AC plugs into may have failed. First, test a small lamp on the outlet to see if it works. Next, you should check your circuit breaker if the outlet doesn't have power. You could flip the breaker back to the on position if it tripped.

An air conditioner may not turn on because you have it set at the same temperature in the room or higher. The air conditioner's thermometer reads the temperature and turns the AC off once the room reaches the desired setting. Therefore, if you have it set to 75 degrees and it's 74 degrees, the AC unit won't turn on. Lowering the temperature setting should fix the problem.

Troubleshoot an Error Code

New LG air conditioners have advanced electronic controls. When problems occur, the system flashes an error code. Check your owner's manual for details if you see an error code. For example, you could have a simple problem like a full drain pan or something more complicated like no refrigerant in the system.

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