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Finding the right part quickly and efficiently is important when you're dealing with appliance repairs. At Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation, we make it as easy as possible for you to find what you're looking for. In just a few clicks, our model lookup tool can take you to a complete listing of all the available parts for your washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, or other appliance. We carry parts for all the leading brands including Jenn-Air, Frigidaire, Bosch, Haier, Whirlpool, General Electric, Maytag, and more. We even carry hard-to-find parts that you may have had trouble locating elsewhere. Find the right model number.

How To Use the Automatic Appliance Parts Model Lookup Tool

Finding the right repair parts for your appliance is quick and easy with our automatic appliance parts model lookup tool. All you need to do is enter the model number for the appliance that you're working on and click submit. In an instant, you'll have access to a full listing of all the parts that you might need for that product.

Our appliance parts model lookup tool helps you find even those difficult components that typically take time and effort to locate. Not only can we tell you where we have those parts in stock, but we can also provide details on how many parts are in a particular location.

Finding Your Appliance Model Number

Finding the right model number is crucial when you're purchasing appliance parts. This string of letters and numbers tells you everything you need to know in order to get the right appliance parts for your particular item. It's important to know exactly how to find your appliance model number so you're always putting the correct information into our model lookup tool.

You can't always rely on your appliance manual to give you the right model number. These manuals are often made for multiple appliances, so you may see several model numbers included in the booklet. Your appliance could be any one of these models, but if you guess the wrong one, your parts won't fit!

Most appliances have a metal plate or paper sticker that features the model number. Here are some common locations where you might find that sticker or plate.

Air Conditioners:
        •   On the side of the air conditioner.
        •   Behind the front grille on the unit's frame.
        •   In the cool air exhaust port on top of the AC unit.
        •   Behind the grill on the upper right corner of the weather barrier.
        •   Behind the grill beneath or to the right of the control panel.
        •   On the weather barrier to the left of the fan.

Ranges and Stoves:
        •   On the right side of the burner box.
        •   Beneath a surface burner, visible when the top is lifted.
        •   Beneath the fuse cover.
        •   On the upper left or lower left corner, behind the door.
        •   On the exterior of the stove at the bottom of the cabinet.
        •   On the door jamb or left side of the lower storage drawer, visible when the drawer is open.
        •   Inside the top of the vent duct on downdraft ranges.

        •   Behind the kick plate at the bottom.
        •   On the inner wall of the fridge or freezer.
        •   On the door jamb of the cabinet.
        •   Behind the bottom crisper drawer.

        •   On the cabinet frame inside the door.
        •   On the back of the dryer in the upper left corner.
        •   On the side of the cabinet, near the front.
        •   Behind the front access panel on gas dryers.

Washing Machines:
        •   On the back of the washer in the upper left corner.
        •   Beneath the lid.
        •   Under the lid, in the back right corner.
        •   On the front in the lower left or right corner.
        •   Inside the door of a front-loading washer.
        •   On the back or top of the control panel once removed.
        •   On the kick plate on front of the washer.

        •   On the underside of the control panel.
        •   On top of the door jamb.
        •   On the door of the dishwasher.
        •   In the upper left corner of the dishwasher's frame.
        •   On the back of portable dishwashers.
        •   On the side of the hose storage for portable dishwashers.

Understanding Model Numbers

Most appliance tags indicate the model number and serial number. Some also include the series number, also known as the revision number. If the revision number isn't included on your tag, you can still determine what series your appliance is by looking at the first two digits of the serial number.

Manufacturers often make small tweaks to the model throughout its lifespan, so two refrigerators that have the same model number may actually have different parts if they don't belong to the same series. When you're shopping for parts, you want to get parts for the series that's as close as possible to your own without going over. For example, if your appliance is a series 11 and you can find parts for a series 10 or series 15, you should opt for the series 10 parts.

Serial numbers may also tell you the age of your appliance. Each manufacturer has its own code for the age. Looking up the specific coding for your appliance's manufacturer will help you decode everything that's included in this important digit.

Buying Original Equipment Manufacturer Appliance Parts

We carry a full selection of OEM parts for your appliance repair needs. OEM parts are made by the same company that originally made the appliance. These components are an exact match for what was originally installed. This means that there are no variations or changes.

The alternative to OEM parts is aftermarket parts. These come from a different manufacturer. While some aftermarket parts perform well, they're not all created equal. Using an OEM part is the only way to guarantee the same level of functionality that you had with the original piece.

Our extensive collection of appliance repair parts includes many hard-to-find items, including parts for discontinued models. We even keep a library of appliance manuals so you can look up details on older models. From the highly visible knob controls to the small but essential door shims, we have everything you might need to fix a washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, air conditioner, or other appliance. Start your search now.