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The Easiest to Repair Appliance Brands 2022

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Home appliances are the glue that keeps households together. Without them, you'd be elbow-deep in dishwater and hanging clothes on a clothesline like you're in the 19th century. When a home appliance breaks down, you and the rest of your household members are quick to notice. That's why it's best to invest in reliable appliances made by reputable brands. It's also important to know how easy your appliances are to repair in case of a malfunction. Below, you can discover the appliance brands that are easiest to repair in 2022 and other important information about them.


Amana, which was originally a company that manufactured commercial walk-in coolers, now offers affordable home kitchen appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Why Are Amana Appliances Easy To Repair?

Amana appliances are easy to repair because they have simple designs. They typically feature economical materials and don't have fancy features like Wi-Fi connectivity. Without these intricate components, the repair process tends to be a lot cheaper.

What Is the Average Cost of a Repair?

The average cost of a repair largely depends on what you need to fix. Most Amana repairs are relatively affordable and align with industry averages. For example, you can expect to pay anywhere between $195 and $400.

What Repairs Do Amana Appliances Commonly Need?

One of the most common issues that arises with Amana refrigerators is that they stop defrosting. An easy solution to this problem is to replace the defrost timer. You can first determine if a faulty defrost timer is the problem by turning the dial of the timer into the defrost cycle. If the timer takes more than 30 minutes to transition out of the defrost cycle, then you'll know you need to replace the timer. You can easily do so yourself without a professional's help.

Some Amana customers also find that their microwaves shut off after a few seconds of heating. You can likely address this issue yourself if the culprit is a faulty door switch. The door switches might be visibly charred from overheating. If you notice any obvious damage, you can simply replace all affected door switches.

When Should You Hire a Professional?

You may need to hire a professional if a faulty defrost heater assembly is causing your Amana refrigerator to not defrost. An expert can use a multimeter to determine if this is the cause and replace the component accordingly. It'd also be a good idea to recruit a professional's help if the main control board is faulty and causing defrosting issues.

If you have an Amana microwave that isn't heating due to a faulty high-voltage transformer, you should always leave this task for a professional. A high-voltage transformer can store dangerous amounts of electricity and result in electric shock if it's mishandled.


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Bosch is a premium manufacturer of various home appliances like wall ovens, food processors, refrigerators, coffee machines, and tumble dryers. The company is based in Germany and has garnered a lot of respect from its loyal customer base over the years.

Why Are Bosch Appliances Easy To Repair?

Bosch appliances are easy to repair because these products are made using prime parts. The parts don't fail often, thanks to the brand's dedication to quality. In the event that something breaks, you can easily find the right OEM part due to the brand's prominence. Aftermarket parts are easy to distinguish so that consumers don't fall for lower-quality replacements.

What Is the Average Cost of a Repair?

The average cost of a repair for a Bosch appliance is slightly higher than it is for other brands. You may pay upwards of $500 to repair an appliance like a refrigerator or a drying machine. For smaller appliances like coffee machines, a repair may only cost around $100.

What Repairs Do Bosch Appliances Commonly Need?

A common problem that Bosch dryers have is that they overheat. A few things may cause this issue. If the felt seal around the drum is worn and not creating a good seal, you can replace it yourself. You can also replace the blower wheel if it's unstable as it turns.

When Should You Hire a Professional?

You may need to enlist a professional's help if something is wrong with your Bosch dryer's heating element or cycling thermostat. A professional will be able to identify issues in these more complex components and make the necessary repairs.


Frigidaire is a U.S.-based company that's been around for over 100 years. It manufactures various appliances for use in the kitchen and laundry room.

Why Are Frigidaire Appliances Easy To Repair?

Frigidaire appliances are easy to repair because the brand has been around for so long. The company has perfected its manufacturing process over the years to create long-lasting appliances. Any issues that arise are usually predictable, and there are reliable parts available to address the malfunctions.

What Is the Average Cost of a Repair?

Frigidaire isn't necessarily a luxury brand like Bosch is, so the costs to repair its appliances are closer to Amana's estimates.

What Repairs Do Frigidaire Appliances Commonly Need?

One of the most common problems that a Frigidaire washing machine experiences is that it doesn't fill with water. This likely means that you need to replace the water inlet valve, which is simple enough to do without a professional's help. You can also address something like a noisy refrigerator by replacing the fan blade.

When Should You Hire a Professional?

It's common for consumers to address most problems with Frigidaire appliances on their own. However, you may need to recruit a professional's help if your Frigidaire dryer won't stop running. This can be the result of a failing gas valve solenoid coil. It's best to get a professional to fix this problem, as it can be dangerous to perform this repair without the proper training.

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