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How Do I Know If My GE Oven Thermostat Is Working/How Do I Test It?

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Your oven is an integral part of your kitchen. Whether you use it for simple baking, creating masterpieces, or keeping items warm, having an accurate temperature in your oven is important to its functions. The oven's thermostat is the component that controls the accuracy of the temperature, but sometimes the device can fail and change how your oven heats, leading to undercooked, overcooked, and burned foods. Keep reading to learn about how to know if your GE oven thermostat is working, how to test it using two methods, and how to replace the thermostat if it's faulty.

What Is a GE Oven Thermostat?

A GE oven thermostat is a device that controls the temperature inside your GE oven. They're one of the most important components because they're how you set an oven to a certain temperature and keep it at that temperature when you're cooking. Sometimes, these components can fail, causing the oven's temperature to be too high, too low, or vary too much while cooking. There are several ways to determine if your thermostat is faulty, but the first is noticing that food doesn't cook correctly. This is a consistent issue, as opposed to one meal not cooking properly.

How to Test Using a Multimeter

A multimeter is a tool that lets you measure the electrical properties of objects. A multimeter can help you measure electric currents, voltage, and resistance. You can use a multimeter to determine if the thermostat in your oven is correct. Follow the process below.

Calibrate the Multimeter

The first step to using a multimeter is to calibrate it. To calibrate your multimeter, you can follow the process below:

  • Set your multimeter to ohms.
  • Plug the black probe into the common port.
  • Insert the red probe into the port for ohms.
  • Tap the red and black tips together.
  • Determine if the reading is above or below 0.5 ohms.


If your multimeter is below 0.5 ohms, then your multimeter is calibrated and you can use it to test your oven's thermostat.

Locate Your Oven's Thermostat

Different oven models have thermostats in different locations. Common locations include below the vent hood, behind the back panel of the oven, and below the bottom panel of the oven. You can research your specific oven online to learn where the thermostat is, rather than searching each location for it. Once you know where your oven thermostat is, unplug your oven to reduce the risk of burns or electrocution and remove the nearest access panel to the thermostat.

Remove the Thermostat From the Oven

Once more, different oven models may have different requirements, so checking what tools you need for your specific model can help you remove the thermostat more easily. Typically, you need a screwdriver with different heads and a wrench to access and remove the thermostat from the oven. This is because it's anchored to the oven. Once you remove the thermostat, you can take your multimeter's sensor end and place it on the thermostat. Ideally, your thermostat has a reading of zero or near zero.

If your thermostat's reading is not zero, then it's time to replace your thermostat. This is a better option than trying to repair the thermostat, which takes a specialist who knows the exact thermostat your oven uses.

How to Test Using an Independent Thermometer

Another way to test if your oven's thermostat is faulty is by using an independent oven-safe thermometer. You can find oven-safe thermometers at most general shopping locations or at a kitchen appliance and hardware store. Once you find one, you're ready to test your oven's thermostat. Start by setting your oven to a temperature of your choice, such as 375 degrees. Then, once it's heated and it alerts you that it's at temperature, place the oven-safe thermometer inside the oven and wait for it to settle on a reading.

Ideally, the temperature of the thermometer is the same as the temperature you set, within one degree above or below. If it isn't, then it might be time to replace your oven's thermostat.

How to Replace Your Oven's Thermostat

If you need to replace your oven's thermostat assembly, there's a process you can follow below:

  • Check your oven's model. This is so you can find the correct thermostat assembly and replace it more easily.
  • Order a new thermostat assembly. Order a new thermostat assembly based on your oven's requirements and model, then wait for its delivery.
  • Unplug the oven. To make it safer to replace the thermostat, unplug the oven so that there's no electricity running through it.
  • Remove the thermostat knob. The thermostat knob is the one that controls the temperature, and doing this step is a backup for ensuring it doesn't turn on any heating elements while you're working in the oven.
  • Remove the access panel. Different GE ovens have an access panel in different locations such as the vent hood, the bottom of the oven, and the back of the oven.
  • Uninstall the thermostat assembly. Different GE models have different assemblies, so you may need a variety of tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches to remove the thermostat assembly.
  • Install the new thermostat assembly. Using the same tools as before, reverse the process you performed to install the new thermostat assembly.
  • Reassemble the other components. Once your new assembly is in place, you can replace the access panel and the thermostat knob, and plug your oven in once more.


Now that you understand how to test and replace your oven's thermostat to have the most accurate temperatures possible, you can prepare for replacing this component by contacting Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation. There, you can find the parts to replace your oven's thermostat, research different appliances you use throughout your home, and learn about the wholesale options for parts from different models of appliances. Your appliances are important to you and your home, and having parts to fix them matters to Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation.