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How To Find Your Appliance Parts Serial Number to Find Replacement Parts for Your Appliances?

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It's always inconvenient when one of your major household appliances is not functioning properly or, even worse, stops working altogether. If the appliance that's not working is your fridge, stove, or oven, it can disrupt your daily life. Knowing where to find the serial number can make it easier for you to get the parts you need to fix it. The teams at Automatic Appliance in the Midwest have the expertise to provide the necessary replacement parts and repairs. We've created this guide to help you locate your appliances' serial numbers so that you can get the parts you need.

Why the Serial Number Matters, Especially With Automatic Appliance

Often, companies vary in the way they make appliances and may use their own specific parts to build them. So it's essential you know where to find the serial numbers, as they provide key information, such as where and when the appliance was made. Having your appliance's model number is the first step in finding parts, but with the serial number, you can provide more specific information.

Providing a serial number allows Automatic Appliance to find the required original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that fit the exact version of your appliance. At our various locations across the Midwest, we have a large selection of OEM parts for every major appliance brand. As we specialize in hard-to-find parts, we're able to provide repair professionals with the components they need to fix appliances and ensure customer satisfaction.

Common Appliances and Their Serial Number Locations

Below you'll find some of the serial number locations for the most common household appliances:

  • Refrigerators: Typically, you'll find a refrigerator's serial number on the fresh food or freezer compartment's inside wall or frame. When you open the fridge, the number should be where the door meets the box.
  • Ovens: An oven's serial number is generally in the storage drawer at the bottom of the unit. Usually, you can find it on the frame where the drawer closes.
  • Microwaves: Most microwaves have their serial number on the door frame. However, for some models, it may be on the back or side of the unit.
  • Washing machines: A washing machine's serial number is usually on the inside of the door or on the door frame.
  • Dryers: A dryer generally has a serial number on the inner door or door frame.
  • Dishwashers: A dishwasher's serial number is typically on the right or left side of the interior portion of the door.
  • Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems: You can usually find the serial number for a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system on the back of the unit just above the refrigerant valve. Alternatively, you may find it listed in the documents provided with the appliance.


Refrigerator and Freezer Serial Numbers

If a fridge or freezer's serial number is not on the door or frame, you may find it behind the drawers or shelves. To locate the number at the back of the refrigerator, you may need to remove some of the drawers. If you still can't see the serial number, remove the shelving, as it may be on the side or toward the back of the appliance.

Washer and Dryer Serial Numbers

Serial numbers for washers and dryers are typically on a printed or metal plate and are usually on the frame or inner part of the door. In some cases, you'll find the serial number on the back of the appliance.

Oven and Stove Serial Numbers

Before finding an oven's serial number, you may have to look in various places, as it may be on the back, side, or frame of the unit or the inner part of the door. Start by checking the door and frame. If you can't find the serial number there, pull the appliance out and look for it on the unit's back and sides.

Dishwasher Serial Numbers

A dishwasher's serial number is normally on a metal plate or label, and you'll typically find it on the side edge of the appliance's door or frame.

Microwave Serial Numbers

Many microwaves have a serial number just inside the door, making it easy to spot when it's open. However, some microwaves have the serial number on the side or back, so you may have to pull the unit out to find it.

Tips for Locating the Serial Number With Automatic Appliance

Below are some useful tips that may help you find the serial number on your appliances:

  • Use a flashlight: A flashlight may provide the light you need to help you locate and read the serial number on your appliance.
  • Clean the location: Dirt and debris can build up on an appliance's serial number plate or sticker. Cleaning the area may help you read the number correctly so that you get the right replacement parts.
  • Know where to look: Knowing where to find the serial number on your appliances makes ordering the parts you need far more straightforward. Providing the right number is key to getting the correct OEM parts for your appliance.


Recording and Using the Serial Number

Once you've found your appliance's serial number, it's a good idea to write it down somewhere safe. We recommend recording all your appliances' important information in one place so that it's quick and easy for you to find a serial number when ordering parts. Providing Automatic Appliance with the required serial number ensures that we can rapidly get the parts you need to make the necessary repairs.

Let Automatic Appliance Help You With Replacement Appliance Parts

You'll have no problem getting parts for your appliance if you can find and provide us with the required serial numbers. Once you've given Automatic Appliance this information, you can be sure we'll rapidly order the parts you need. Using the serial number to order parts simplifies the process and ensures that maintaining your appliances will be straightforward. If you're in search of replacement parts, let Automatic Appliance know what you need by filling out our online parts request form.