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Why Would My Whirlpool Dryer Make a Funny Noise When On?

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As a homeowner, you likely don't think about your appliances unless there's a reason for concern. You expect these appliances to work properly, but when they don't, you need to either have them repaired or replaced. Take your dryer, for instance. You're probably used to hearing its gentle tumbling and low hum, but what if you hear bangs or screeches? You know that's not what it's supposed to sound like. Before you dive in and learn how to deal with your Whirlpool dryer, you need to determine what type of noise it's making.

Image by Tony Webster is licensed by CC BY 2.0

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Clicking Noise

If you've only ever had an electric dryer, you might not be used to the noises associated with a gas dryer. The clicking noise usually occurs with a gas dryer. Once the gas valve opens, gas flows into the dryer's burner and heats the air. This is a typical aspect of gas dryers throughout the drying cycle.

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Scraping Noise

When the Whirlpool dryer makes a noise while tumbling, it might sound like something inside is scraping. It might be as simple as a loose item caught in the drum seam. Pause the drying cycle and open up the dryer. Make sure to remove anything that's trapped along the seam. This could include paper clips, coins, or other pieces of metal. To avoid this, check clothing pockets and remove any loose items before placing the clothing in the dryer.

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Screeching Noise

A screeching noise coming from your Whirlpool dryer could signal an issue with the blower wheel. This part of the dryer helps to circulate the hot air and send it through the appliance's vent system. A loose blower wheel sleeve can make the wheel wobbly and cause a screeching sound. To ensure the issue doesn't involve the blower wheel, disconnect the vent from the dryer and turn on the dryer. If the airflow seems weak, the blower wheel might be malfunctioning. Check for visible blockages, but if it appears clear, the blower wheel needs to be replaced.

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Knocking Noise

If your Whirlpool dryer makes a knocking noise, ensure that no loose items or open zippers in the dryer drum are causing the sound. If that's not the culprit, take a look at the outside of your dryer. Determine if there are any objects within close proximity to your dryer that it could be bumping into when it operates. For items stored next to or on top of the dryer, move them away during operation. Also, if the dryer is on a pedestal, remove any items inside the drawer that may be causing the noise while the dryer runs.

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Thumping Noise

Do you hear a constant thumping noise coming from your Whirlpool dryer? If so, the dryer might be overloaded. This occurs when you overfill it with too many items of clothing or linens, which causes an imbalance. The dryer might make a loud thumping noise when the items tumble within that restricted space. To remedy this, fill the dryer with just one load of wash per drying cycle.

Similarly, if you have large items in the dryer, they might clump together and roll around the drum. For more oversized items, make sure to place them loosely into the dryer instead of clumping them all together. You might also need to stop the dryer occasionally to keep the clothing from bunching together. Also, if you're drying sneakers, they could be creating a thumping noise. Instead of drying sneakers in the dryer, consider air-drying them.

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Pounding Noise

Once you turn on your Whirlpool dryer, do you hear a pounding noise? The likely culprit is due to your dryer not being level. Grab a level to make sure the dryer sits evenly on the floor. You might need to adjust the dryer's legs up or down, depending on how they sit. For those dryers that sit atop a pedestal, you'll need to check the legs of the pedestal instead. While you can adjust the legs by moving them up or down, if they're broken, they must be replaced.

Another reason your dryer might be experiencing a pounding noise might involve the drum rollers. Once they become worn out, drum rollers prevent the dryer from tumbling smoothly, resulting in a loud pounding or rumbling noise. To fix this issue, remove the top and front panels of the dryer along with the dryer drum. If the rollers appear worn, you need to replace them. It's best to replace all the rollers, even if just one appears worn.

Whirlpool Dryer Makes a Squeaking Noise

Of all the odd noises your Whirlpool dryer can make, a squeaking one is the most concerning and shouldn't be ignored. This noise could involve one of the following issues:

  • Worn drum guides: These plastic pieces support the dryer drum, so once the plastic wears out, the drum rotates directly onto the metal frame and causes a squealing noise.
  • Broken drive belt: Two pulleys connect this thin belt, which wraps around the dryer drum and causes the appliance to spin. If the belt is torn or frayed, it can cause a squealing noise once the drum spins.
  • Worn idler pulley: The pulley keeps the drive belt taut while the drum spins by placing tension on it. Over time, the pulley might wear out and cause a squealing noise when tumbling.
  • Damaged roller shaft: Resembling rolling pins, roller shafts sit on either side of the dryer's back wall. They can squeak when worn or with excessive build-up.
  • Worn dryer motor: If all the other causes aren't the reason for the squeaking, the dryer might have a worn motor. Repairing the motor usually involves removing wiring and clamps.


All of these aspects cannot be repaired on your own and require the experience of a professional. Luckily, the experts at Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation are here to help you with all kinds of noises you might be hearing from your Whirlpool dryer. Contact our team for further assistance.