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The average dishwasher will live for 6-10 years, but routine maintenance and quality appliance repairs can extend how long your dishwasher lasts It's important to have reliable appliance repair parts sourced directly from the appliance manufacturer to get the best results from your repairs. Extend the lifespan of your dishwasher with routine maintenance. Whether you're running an appliance repair business or maintaining a residential community, trust the authorized distributors at Automatic Appliance for your next order

Read on to know more about finding the right parts for dishwasher repairs and how Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation can help you.

Essential Dishwasher Parts for Common Repairs

The average price for a new dishwasher is between $400 and $700, but a luxury dishwasher can have a price tag between $1,000 and $2,000. It's typically more cost-effective to repair your dishwasher than it is to replace it.

When it comes to repairing dishwashers, some common parts that you may want to keep on hand include the following:

  • Dishwasher spray arm: The dishwasher spray arm is the rotating bar that soaks the dishes and sprays off food. It can suffer from clogs and corrosion over time. Most dishwashers will need a new spray arm at least once over their lifetimes.
  • Spray arm mount: The dishwasher spray arm isn't powered by a motor. Rather, the force of the water makes it rotate, while the spray arm mount keeps it in place and allows for smooth motion. You can often release a stuck mount by clearing debris from around it. However, you may need a replacement mount if it's suffered damage and cannot simply be cleaned.
  • Water inlet valve: If the water inlet valve is defective, it may overfill the appliance or fail to pull water back into the appliance when the cleaning cycle is finished. This can cause water to leak, creating the possibility of flooding and water damage in your kitchen.
  • Dishwasher float and float switch: The dishwasher float and float switch let the appliance know when there's an appropriate amount of water in the bottom. If this isn't working properly, the water level can get too high, overflowing the appliance and spilling out.
  • Dishwasher pump and pump seal: The drain pump pulls water out of the dishwasher when the cycle is complete. If the pump itself isn't functioning or the pump seal is defective, you'll have standing water in your dishwasher at the end of the cycle.
  • Heating element: When the wash cycle is complete, the dishwasher dries the items inside by gently heating them. If the heating element isn't working, dishes will stay damp.

You can purchase these parts from Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation. Our stock of dishwasher parts includes nearly anything you might need to keep your appliance in working order. We carry a wide selection of dishwasher replacement parts for popular brands including Bosch, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, Maytag, Frigidaire, and others.

Finding the Right Parts for Your Appliance


You cannot use dishwasher parts interchangeably between manufacturers. Each appliance features a unique design. For example, the dishwasher arm for a Whirlpool dishwasher will not fit properly in a GE appliance. This is true across all brands, so you need to make sure you're purchasing parts that are designed not only for the brand that you're working with but for the specific model as well.

Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation has a handy model lookup feature that will help you quickly find the parts you need for your product. Simply enter the manufacturer's model number to receive a full listing of parts that are designed for that exact appliance.

If you're having trouble finding the part that you're looking for, our customer service team is happy to assist. Simply reach out to contact us and we'll help you find the details that you need to identify your dishwasher and get the proper parts for your repair.

We also maintain a full library of appliance manuals that you can search online for more information on how to handle dishwasher repairs. If you've encountered a rare model or a particularly dated appliance, we can help you find the information that you'll need to still provide a reliable and quality repair for your customer.

Stock Up on Dishwasher Parts for Your Chicago Business or Facility

If you're maintaining a residential facility such as an apartment complex with several units of the same dishwasher model installed, it's handy to have a stock of basic replacement parts on hand. With the right parts, you can provide quick and efficient repairs for your residents, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, so you're more likely to enjoy renewed leases and long-term residents.

As an appliance repair professional, you can also benefit from keeping a diverse stock of dishwasher parts in your warehouse or van for on-the-spot repairs. While you can't anticipate every need that a client may have, you likely have an idea of the most common issues you experience in your service area.

Perhaps you have a large client base in a recently constructed community in the Chicago suburbs that uses a standard dishwasher brand or model in each new home construction. You may also service areas in and around Chicago where the water is particularly hard, causing excessive buildup on dishwasher components.

In Northern Illinois and Chicago, calcium carbonate levels in the water are between 181 and 250 milligrams per liter. Anything over 180 mg/L is considered very hard. Soft water has just 61 to 120 mg/L. Hard water can take years off the life of common dishwasher parts and may necessitate more frequent repairs than what customers experience in other parts of the country.

Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation can help you easily locate dishwasher repair parts throughout the greater Chicago area, with locations in Norridge, Midlothian, Evanston, Downers Grove, Rockford, Aurora, and Arlington Heights. Contact our team at Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation for quick access to all the wholesale appliance parts that you need. We can help you streamline dishwasher repairs as well as repairs for other appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, ranges, and air conditioners. Give us a call at 1 (800) 323-0270 or visit one of our locations today!