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When Is It Best to Hire a Repairman?

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As a homeowner, it's important to maintain your appliances so they run and perform in top condition. While there are several simple tasks and repairs homeowners can take on themselves, most appliances need professional repairs along with the manufacturer's recommended replacement parts. Having a trained technician make repairs to most appliances, including the following, can help keep the equipment under warranty, give you peace of mind that it's fixed properly, and can help ensure the safety of your family.

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner works tirelessly throughout the hot months to help keep you and your family cool and dry. Air conditioners are made up of complex systems that must work seamlessly together to function properly. Whether your home has central air conditioning, a ductless system, or a zoned system, the general makeup of air conditioners is basically the same, and they use common parts.

As a homeowner, you can help to keep the air conditioner running smoothly by changing or cleaning the air filters about every 30 days. You can also make sure that the vents that allow cool air into your home are free of dust or obstructions. Keeping debris from the outside unit can also help to keep the air conditioner performing.

However, if the air conditioner isn't cooling properly, you smell a burning smell, or the system keeps cycling on and off, it's time to call in a professional. HVAC service technicians understand the complexities of air conditioning systems, have the proper tools and training, and are certified to handle and dispose of the refrigerant that helps the air conditioner cool your home.


One of the most important appliances in your home is the refrigerator. It helps to regulate bacterial growth on your food, keeps the temperature and humidity right so that your food retains nutrients, and keeps your food fresh for an extended period of time. A refrigerator also keeps beverages cold, and it maintains items in the freezer at the correct temperature to store food safely.

One of the key components of your refrigerator's cooling systems is the cooling liquid, or refrigerant. The system utilizes a compressor and condenser as well as refrigerant to keep the refrigerator and freezer at the optimum temperature to keep your food safe.

A trained professional that services refrigerators have specialized tools to access the compressor, condenser, and refrigerant lines. Qualified professionals know how to diagnose the issue, determine which OEM parts to order, and make the necessary repairs. As a homeowner, you can help to keep the refrigerator running smoothly by cleaning the back section of dust, dirt, and debris. If you notice the system isn't cooling properly, ice begins to build up, or the refrigerator begins to make unusual noises, it's time to call a professional.

Stove and Oven

Whether you have a gas, propane, or electric stove and oven, it's important to have a professional make any repairs. Common problems with stoves and ovens include burners that won't light or get hot, electric burners that can't regulate the temperature, and ovens that won't heat or keep a consistent temperature.

Trying to make repairs yourself to an electric or gas stove or oven raises the risk of injury. Gas lines may leak, potentially causing a fire, and faulty electrical systems can cause shorts and wires to burn, which also may lead to a fire. While you can help to keep your stove and oven running well by keeping them clean and making sure the burner coils are properly connected, any time you experience a problem with your stove or oven, schedule an appointment to have the appliance serviced and repaired by a trained professional.

Water Heater

Your water heater is another appliance that needs professional repairs. Things that can go wrong with a water heater include a faulty thermostat, a bad thermocouple, rusted pipes, a bad heating element, and improper water pressure. While water heaters may seem like simple units, they're actually quite complex. If the water isn't getting hot in a gas or propane heater, the pilot light might need relighting, or the thermocouple might need replacing.

You can try and light the pilot light yourself if you feel confident in doing so, but keep in mind that you're dealing with gas that you can't see, and that this process has the potential risk for harm. If you have an electric water heater, the circuit breaker might have tripped, a fuse may have blown, or the heating element might have failed. Dealing with electrical issues requires a professional with specialized training.

Washing Machine

Washing machines are workhorses that keep your family's clothes clean and looking fresh. When your washing machine begins to act up, it's much easier to call a repair technician than to try and lug all the clothes into a laundromat. Common problems include the machine not starting, water overflowing, frayed and broken belts, or a bad motor.

If the wash load is unbalanced and the machine begins to vibrate loudly, you can stop the machine and readjust the load. However, if the washer won't start or drain or you notice a burning smell, you'll want a professional to bring replacement parts and repair the machine.

Consult a Qualified Professional

While you may think that a DIY repair or parts replacement can help you save money, in the long run you may end up voiding the warranty, causing harm to yourself or your family, or potentially causing the premature breakdown of the appliance or system. Using a professional can give you peace of mind that your appliance is fixed properly, stays under warranty, and will run smoothly for its expected life span. In addition, you may want to take into consideration when an appliance needs replacing instead of undergoing more repairs.

At Automatic Appliance Parts Corporation, we specialize in providing quality appliance parts for all major brands. Whether you have an air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, washing machine, or other appliance that needs a parts replacement in the Chicagoland, Illinois, area, our professional team can help you or your service technician find the perfect part.